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What is GAA?



Irish football, often called Gaelic football, is a 15 player field sport. Combining skills similar to soccer, basketball and rugby, Gaelic football is a versatile sport utilizing the progression and handling of a sort of hybrid soccer-volleyball. It is a minimum to medium contact sport often played co-ed by teams in the United States. 

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Camogie is the women's league for hurling. A 15 player field sport, it follows the progression of the baseball-like ball, called a sloiter, utilizing hand passes and stick handling. The wooden or composite stick, called the hurl, is used to pick up the sloiter, pass it, and defend players. The primary difference between camogie and hurling is that women play in skorts instead of shorts. Players typically wear helmets during this medium contact sport. 

Hurling is the men's or co-ed league for  this 15 player, stick wielding field sport. Often called "the fastest game on grass," hurling is thought to be one of the oldest field sports in the world, dating back nearly 2,000 years in some literary texts. This medium contact sport is intense and exciting to watch and play, combining skills similar to both field and ice hockey and lacrosse.  

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